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Our Mission

Keystone AEA is dedicated to providing impactful leadership and innovative services that ensure districts have access to equitable, effective, and efficient resources which engage and empower schools and families to thrive in a rapidly changing world by improving learning and living for all students.


Our Goals

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Children and Families

Empower every student through the delivery of high-quality services that equip them with the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and confidence to pursue their dreams.

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Educators and School Leaders

Expand the capacity and effectiveness of educators through targeted professional learning, encouragement of innovation, and support for the implementation of impactful practices.  

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Employee Excellence

Ensure a high-performing team through the recruitment, hiring, development and retention of talented, caring, service-oriented professionals.


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Effective, Equitable, and Efficient Resource Management

Maximize the use of resources to align with Agency goals and with individual district needs while maintaining fiscal stability.


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Community Collaboration

Foster engagement and partnerships with the diverse stakeholders of Northeast Iowa to build greater mutual understanding of Keystone AEA’s services and their impact.


Our Core Values

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Focus on Kids

  • Ensure actions and decisions are guided by what’s best for kids
  • Advocate for the needs of all kids
  • Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to serving all students and families
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Innovative Leadership

  • Inspire and support change through forward thinking best practice
  • Lead with respect for local decision makers
  • Seek opportunities for local and state level collaboration
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Collaborative Environment

  • Leverage teamwork to achieve Agency goals
  • Foster supportive and caring relationships
  • Exchange knowledge and expertise generously
  • Embrace diverse perspectives
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Mindful Service

  • Cultivate intentional decision making
  • Maximize resources to provide quality services    
  • Balance responsibility between school and Agency
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Professional Autonomy

  • Empower employees to be confident decision makers
  • Commit to a culture of continuous learning and growth
  • Serve responsibly by aligning work to Agency goals
  • Embrace a student-centered approach to decision making


Guiding Philosophy

We are grounded in service.

Ideal Culture

  • Service-oriented team
  • Focus on building capacity, not dependency
  • Mistakes viewed as learning opportunities
  • Respect of differences while supporting one another
  • Efficient and effective communication methods that change, as needed

Professional Expectations

Professional Expectations should be utilized in upholding values.
Professional Expectations should be utilized to create the ideal culture.   See more