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What's POP'n at Keystone?

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   We are #GroundedInService!

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Agency Vision
Improving Learning and Living for All Students

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Agency Mission
The mission of Keystone AEA is to provide leadership to ensure equitable, effective, and efficient services for schools and families.

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Our Guiding Philosophy
We are Grounded in Service

   Our core values in action

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Core Value: Collaboration
Work with various stakeholders to achieve common goals that are clearly stated; this means all team members will take other perspectives into consideration, ensuring all voices are heard through honest conversations and positive communication

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Core Value: Mindful Service
Maintain awareness of our schools’ needs, while reflecting a “fair is not always equal” approach to services and disbursement of resources; this includes balancing the needs of our schools with responsibilities at the agency and state level

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Core Value: Professional Autonomy
Enable professionals to develop their skills through a growth mindset and to exercise their judgment to accomplish their work; this encourages independence, freedom, and innovation to make decisions and choices, which align to agency expectations


Professional Expectations

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  • Professional Expectations should be utilized in upholding values.
  • Professional Expectations should be utilized to create the ideal culture. 



Ideal Culture

  • Service-oriented team
  • Focus on building capacity, not dependency
  • Mistakes viewed as learning opportunities
  • Respect of differences while supporting one another
  • Efficient and effective communication methods that change, as needed




Agency Goals

Keystone will increase our implementation and alignment of our services within an MTSS structure to support academic success and wellbeing for staff and students. This goal will be measured through growth on the annual scoring components of the AEA SAMI by the Cross Divisional Collaborative (CDC).

  • Literacy, Math & SEBH teams will engage in scoring the Universal Instruction, Assessment & Data Based Decision Making, and Intervention System components of AEA SAIMI
  • All teams engage in analysis of products/supports they provide and the alignment within MTSS
  • Continued learning for all staff about effective MTSS practices/structures
  • On-going and deeper communication from the CDC to staff
  • Continued focus on SEL signature practices both internally and externally

Keystone will demonstrate increased innovation, service evolution (of practice) and a cutting edge approach to supporting schools. This goal will be measured through ongoing review of POPs (which will incorporate the Portraits) and IPDPs, % of staff using TQ money and % using professional money.

  • Development of goals that consider how to ensure Keystone delivers relevant and cutting edge services and supports.
  • Continue meaningful discussions around IPDPs and connections to professional learning and TQ resources.
  • Evidence based practices will be utilized to expand the use of collaborative service delivery models when providing SE support services. (include equity and consistency across regions in this statement) 

Keystone will explore and establish more connections between our services/supports and Future Ready core strategies (data, rigor, relevance, transition, partnerships). This goal will be measured by % of navigator members who complete the Data Driver module.

  • Navigator Teams will learn to identify, access, analyze and interpret future ready and other adjacent data 
  • Continue to approach actions as an “all agency” job vs. establishing a separate team
  • All teams will connect their work to the 5 core service areas of future ready (may not connect to all five)