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January 2019 - All Things Keystone


Reports for Dubuque Administrators


Important Dates & Information


 Keystone's Premier Education Conference
June 22-23, 2021
Grand River Center, Dubuque (+ Virtual)


Registration will open soon for KPEC 2021.  An agenda with breakout sessions and networking opportunities will be released soon. 

Choose an all access IN PERSON or VIRTUAL pass!   




New for 2021

Each access pass purchased for an educator or administrator qualifies for a free virtual pass for a paraeducator at your school!

About KPEC
Keystone's Premier Education Conference attendees will connect with peers, hear keynote addresses from nationally-recognized speakers, and choose from dozens of breakout sessions.  The conference will feature hands-on sessions on leadership, technology, curriculum content, special education, and social-emotional behavioral health. Recertification credit will be available.  

Copyright BriefNotes for Students and Teachers

Iowa’s Area Education Agencies have created an extensive, easy-to-use resource to help students and teachers understand copyright laws and the associated rights and responsibilities as users of copyrighted information.

Two versions of Copyright BriefNotes are available to support students and teachers in virtual and physical classrooms. You are welcome to link to your school website or LMS.

  • A new version of Copyright BriefNotes for Students has been updated for 2021 and is available in a Flipbook and PDF version.
  • Copyright BriefNotes for Students and Teachers includes the same content from the student version plus information that helps address copyright questions related to online and virtual learning environments, digital content, copyright permissions, and more. Copyright BriefNotes for Students and Teachers is available in a Flipbook and PDF version.

Additionally, this year the AEAs have created a Copyright Decision Tree poster. This poster features a QR code to the flipbook version of Copyright BriefNotes for Students.

Copyright Decision Tree

Also see Keystone's Copyright Considerations page for access to these great resources to support teaching and learning.

copyright briefnotes


New Micro-credentials!

Micro-credentials are just in time, asynchronous, small chunks of professional learning experiences that will demonstrate proficiency in a specific skill.

Our vision is to promote learning so educators can apply their learnings in their practice, collect evidence, and demonstrate their competence.


New resource for our students, families, and educators!

Pebble Go logo
Pebble Go Next logo

PebbleGo is a PK-6 research database packed with informational articles, ready-made activities, and literacy supports for students of all abilities. It boosts engagement and fosters independent learning in core subject areas.

PebbleGo is correlated to curriculum standards and includes ideas for lesson plans and reproducibles for each database.

Key features of PebbleGo:

  • bolded words with glossary definitions
  • pronunciations with engaging spoken-word audio and text highlighting
  • extended learning videos and/or audio clips
  • “share what you know” printables ideal for first reports
  • Spanish modules to support English Learners
  • Read More provides two read aloud eBooks connected to Animals and Science modules

Pebble Go Teacher Resources
and Lesson Plans

Pebble Go Logo

Log in with traditional building logins or look for the Pebble Go app within your school's ClassLink Launchpad today! 

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the moment; not thinking ahead to the future or dwelling in the past. Mindfulness helps us stay in the current moment and appreciate our surroundings. Practicing mindfulness helps decrease stress and depression; while increasing our focus and decision making skills.

1. Read More   What is Mindfulness? Why Practice It? How Do I Cultivate It?

Mind full or Mindful graphic


2. Watch a video  What is Mindfulness? Simple answers, profound meaning.


3. Guided Practice   Calming the Anxious Mind

Mark photo of purple flowers


Caring Connections for Social, Emotional, Behavioral Health

A short pep talk from Kid Superintendent

From the SEBH Return-to-Learn Toolkit: Establishing Routines & Relationships 
  1. Maintaining and communicating predictable routines helps students to maintain a sense of psychological safety. 

  2. Do not assume that students understand your routine is changing due to current events.

  3. Taking the time to explain the changes and providing a predictable agenda will reduce student stress. 

SEBH Toolkit screenshot
Creating a Behavior Teaching Matrix for Remote Instruction

When transitioning education online, it can be helpful to remember that the practices that are used in a physical classroom can work just as well in the virtual classroom. The first step in setting up any classroom is to define expected behaviors, which can be done most effectively through a behavior teaching matrix. 

PBIS screenshot safe matrix

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