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Introduction to Project-Based Learning
September 30th, October 10th
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  • This workshop is focused on constructing authentic learning opportunities for students using Buck Institute's new Gold Standards for Project Based Learning (PBL) as well as other strategies connected to this teaching framework. Teachers will construct a PBL learning opportunity of their own utilizing a framework and design techniques to promote student-centered learning.

Project-Based Learning:  Teacher Moves
October 3rd, October 29th / Spring dates TBD 
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  • The Project Based Learning Teacher Moves workshop is an engaging and interactive experience incorporating the Gold Standards for Teaching Practices from the Buck Institute for Education (BIE). It is designed to support educators beyond their introduction to PBL workshop experience, which built their skills in designing and planning a project. This workshop focuses on the “how” of PBL including strategies to deepen student learning, making thinking visible, and coaching students toward increasing levels of rigor and quality work.

EMPOWERED Voices Unite 
Opera House Elkader
April 28, 2019 

  • Empowered-Voices Unite is designed to bring communities together for live presentations through storytelling by area youth that encourages learning about the world in new and different ways. The Empowered-Voices Unite format is perfect for engaging and inspiring kids, and to highlight young voices from diverse communities. 

  • Purpose: Elevate student voices to make a positive impact on our world both locally and globally.

Learner-Centered Innovation Book Study
Spring 2020, Dates TBD

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