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Iowa Authentic Learning Network

Iowa’s AEAs invite you to network to support expanding authentic learning opportunities
for PK-12 students.


Digital Network Parties
Iowa ALN & STEM Partnership

Each month we host a 1-hour Zoom session from 3:30-4:30. Click on the image to register for the parties! Each session has a similar format including:

  • Networking - Participants get to share with the group what they're working on and if they have any roadblocks or barriers. This is a great way to share ideas and get support from fellow ed colleagues! 
  •  Sharing Resources/News from the field - We try to highlight happenings/opportunities/resources from around the state that supports authentic learning experiences for students. 
  • Program Spotlight - We invite representatives (educators, administrators, and/or students) to talk about their authentic learning programming. We hope these spotlights inspire ideas for your local work in regards to authentic learning for students!

Authentic Learning Blueprint 

This blueprint is designed to guide leaders in education in decision making around the planning and implementation of authentic learning experiences for K-12 students. This blueprint also serves as a support for practicing teachers to inspire more authentic learning opportunities as apart of core course work.

Celebrating Iowa's Authentic Learning


Authentic Learning Resources

Inquiry-Based Resources

Learner-centered instruction shifts control from the teacher to students. In inquiry-based learning, students are empowered and engage with content at a deeper level. 

Check out the inquiry-based resources below for all grade levels!


Visit our Project-Based Learning page for resources around the Buck Institute's PBL Design Elements and Teaching Practices. 


Workshop Resources


Listen and be inspired! This podcast features educators sharing their successes with a variety of authentic learning practices. 

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Instructional Technology Integration Specialist

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School Improvement Facilitator

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Associate Administrator/Director of Educational Services