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Keystone AEA has a co-teaching team.  We are here to support all districts on their co-teaching journeys.  Keep an eye out for future co-teaching updates for additional information. 

What is Co-Teaching?

Definition: Co-teaching is a service delivery model that utilizes a licensed special education and general education teacher for the purpose of providing both intensive and milder supports, including the possibility of delivering SDI.

What Co-Teaching is:

  • Co-teaching happens in a shared classroom.
  • The focus of co-teaching is access to the core for all.
  • A co-teacher's role will vary depending on student needs.

Co-teaching is NOT:

  • Using one of the teachers as an assistant.
  • Alternating the lead role, turn-taking.
  • Time for one of the teachers to complete administrative work while the other teacher is teaching.

Our Keystone AEA Co-Teaching page on the Keystone website is full of valuable information.

Additional Information and Resources

To read information about what the 6 models of co-teaching are, including links to videos and additional resources, please visit our Keystone Co-Teaching website at:


If you or someone in your district is co-teaching and would like individualized feedback, email Tasha Fritz to begin the conversation.




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