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Station Teaching in Co-Teaching Teams

Station Teaching is a high-leverage strategy recommended for use 30-40% of the time in co-teaching environments. Using this co-teaching model, teachers divide students into three or more groups for a smaller student-to-teacher ratio. Each group rotates through the stations where one station will be facilitated by the general education teacher, the other by the special education teacher, and the third focusing on independent work.  At the teacher stations, instructional strategies can vary to meet each group’s needs, yet all groups focus on the same learning goal at the station. 

Co-teaching is ideal for implementing a variety of learning activities. Benefits of station teaching include higher student performance and decreased behavior problems. For additional guidance and templates for using station teaching, check out the Wakelet linked here!


Additional Information and Resources

To read information about what the 6 models of co-teaching are, including links to videos and additional resources, please visit our Keystone Co-Teaching website.


If you or someone in your district is co-teaching and would like individualized feedback, email Tasha Fritz to begin the conversation.




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