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Your Students, My Students, Our Students: Rethinking Equitable and  Inclusive Classrooms

Summer Reading

If you are looking for an engaging and informative summer read, you might want to pick up Your Students, My Students, Our Students by Jung, Frey, Fischer, & Kroener. The authors explore strategies and mindsets that can increase equity and achievement in the inclusive classroom.  The approach is collaborative and dependent on each adult in the room understanding their role in the education of each student and leveraging the strengths of all educators to benefit each student. Check out this title on MackinVIA and enjoy a good, professional summer read!




Additional Information and Resources

To read information about what the 6 models of co-teaching are, including links to videos and additional resources, please visit our Keystone Co-Teaching website.


If you or someone in your district is co-teaching and would like individualized feedback, email Tasha Fritz to begin the conversation.




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