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Welcome to the Keystone AEA CTE Site. This site has been created to provide agendas, handouts, and resources relating to the CTE Professional development days as well as information necessary for the Perkins Grant.


Perkins Resources

Regional Planning Partnerships Resources

Meetings/Professional Development Resources

Grant Information
Database of federal resources that support children and youth during out-of-school hours.
Foundation Center Website
Comprehensive site with information on and links to foundations and private charities nationwide. See also the Center's education-related grants update.

National Science Foundation
Together with Bayer Corporation and Discovery Magazine, the NSF sponsors a competition for students to identify a community problem and use science to develop an innovative solution.
NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education
The NA foundation offers professional development grants for teachers.
U.S. Department of Education Funding Opportunities

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Hannah Steiber

Hannah Steiber

School Improvement Facilitator - SINA/Career &Technical Education