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Dr. Lori Desautels - KPEC 2023 Keynote

Dr. Lori Desautels 

Dr. Desautels is the author of several books:

  • How May I Serve You: Revelations in Education
  • Unwritten: The Story of a Living System
  • Eyes are Never Quiet
  • Connections over Compliance: Rewiring our Perceptions of Discipline
  • Intentional Neuroplasticity (newly released)

She is considered an expert in the field of educational neuroscience. Her ability to illustrate brain development and the impact of the stress response on learning as well as developing and sharing brain aligned strategies for regulation of behavior, engagement and building attachment are unparalleled.

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Dr. Desautels, has been an Assistant Professor at Butler University since 2016 where she teaches both undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Education.  Lori was also an Assistant Professor at Marian University in Indianapolis for 8 years where she founded the Educational Neuroscience Symposium that has now reached thousands of educators and is in its 10th year.  


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Connections over Compliance: Rewiring our Perceptions of Discipline 


We will explore discipline protocols from the lens of neuroscience. We will address specific shifts within the traditional and brain aligned models and practices. We will begin to understand that traditional discipline works the best for kids that need it the least and works the least for kids who need it the most. When we are dysregulated, our brains do not respond to words, lectures, consequences, or rewards.  Relational discipline is not something we do to children, it is something we want to create within them. Lastly, we will share new brain aligned strategies for meeting students in brain development promoting lasting behavioral changes and the healthy regulation of our nervous systems. This new lens for relational discipline is effective and supportive for all students! This shift takes leadership and begins with regulated adult brain states.