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Self-Care Course for Educators: Discover your New Normal

This course is the product of a short email I received from a colleague. He shared that he was worried about the well being of several teachers he was working with. Day in and day out, these teachers were facing situations that were mentally draining. Due to the demands and difficulties they were facing, they were questioning their abilities. After hearing his story, I asked one question – a question I want every one of you to ask yourself.

​What are you doing to take care of yourself?

Unfortunately, educators tend to put others needs before their own. They are born helpers, providers, supporters, and nurturers. Being there for others, for their students, is often a number one priority. ​However, I'm here to remind you that it is possible to still do your best every day while making time for yourself.​ Does this sound like the place for you? If so, welcome! I hope you find something to assist with your journey. Read on and enjoy! 

The Self-Paced Course

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Suzanne Maas

School Improvement Facilitator