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9-12 Standards Resources

Professional Books

  • NSTA Quick-Reference Guide to the NGSS, High School (Keystone Order #96345)

Other Resources

  • Evidence Statements (9-12) - NGSS Evidence Statements provide educators with additional detail on what students should know and be able to do. These Evidence Statements are statements of observable and measureable components that, if met, will satisfy NGSS performance expectations.
  • Classroom Sample Tasks - Classroom Sample Tasks blend content, practices, and concepts from both the NGSS and the Common Core State Standards. Teachers across the disciplines have collaborated to write sample tasks, which are the result of a vision of integrating science, engineering, and mathematics for classroom use.
  • NGSS Classroom Resources - Various lesson plans and units focusing on NGSS Performance Expectations grouped by topic
  • Course Sequencing FAQ - Resource from the Iowa Department of Education regarding course requirements and expectations for high schools