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Eastern Iowa Science Collaborative

The EISC provides school districts continuous support with on-site technical assistance as teachers implement their science units.  This involves their participation and collaboration through professional learning days, and follow-up support with the Van Allen Science Teaching (VAST) materials center and the facilitators of their science units, as well as from their respective AEA science consultants.  AEA science consultants provide data-driven dialogue with school districts related to student learning.  The EISC framework provides consistency in a district’s science curriculum.  The framework provides teachers science content and understandings for their grade span which contribute to the pre-K-12 learning progression.

Keystone AEA:

  • will financially support the purchase of new science kits to serve participating AEA 1 teachers.
  • will deliver and pick up the kits directly to/from the building(s).
  • recommends that a teacher uses/trains in no more than one year.

We are asking LEAs:

  • to commit to systemic science reform by working to move most, if not all, of the elementary teachers to being involved with this inquiry-based project.
  • to register teacher for training and pay the teacher training fee. In addition, assume any associated costs (e.g., substitute pay, round trip mileage to training, food) so that a teacher can attend the training(s).
  • If you have any questions, especially if your school is considering a science curriculum adoption in the near future, please contact Jason Martin-Hiner at 1-800-632-5918 or 563-245-1480 (ext 1455) or email