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On August 6, 2015 the Iowa State Board of Education, after a comprehensive process including the reviewing of standards, gathering public feedback, and addressing concerns, adopted the new Iowa Core Science standards, based on the performance expectations outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards.

These new standards are exciting as we can expect to see students in Iowa classrooms engaged in more authentic learning opportunities and integration with STEM curriculum.  They will also experience coherent progressions, deeper understandings, which will help develop college, career and citizenship readiness.  Some examples of the shifts are illustrated in this infographic.

The links below are excellent resources to use as you work toward implementing the science learning expectations in your classroom. We will continue to update this list of resources and if you see something that is missing please contact Jason Martin-Hiner ( with recommendations for additions.

General Resources (K-12)

Professional Books

  • NSTA Reader's Guide to A Framework for K-12 Science Education, Second Edition (Keystone Order #95547)
  • NSTA Reader's Guide to the Next Generation Science Standards (Keystone Order #95548)
  • Translating the NGSS for Classroom Instruction (Keystone Order #95553)
  • NSTA Quick-Reference Guide to the NGSS, K-12 (Keystone Order #96346)
  • Using the Next Generation Science Standards With Gifted and Advanced Learners (Keystone Order #95552)
  • Science for the Next Generation - NSTA Press (ISBN 978-1-96959-26-6)

Appendices for the Three Dimensions


  • NSTA Webinars - NSTA has archived numerous webinars on the science and engineering practices and understanding the Next Generation Science Standards in general.
  • Ambitious Science Teaching - A great site that has more than just classroom video.  You can explore the entire site using their suggested pathways here.
  • Bozeman Science - Excellent videos explaining the Science and Engineering Practices, Cross Cutting Concepts and Disciplinary Core Ideas that underlie the Performance Expectations in the Iowa Core.

Other Resources

  • Iowa Core Science Resources Page - Department of Education site with multiple resources for instruction, assessment and professional development
  • NGSS@NSTA - Excellent site with many resources to support implementing and understanding the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Developing Assessments for the NGSS - Article about the challenges of developing authentic assessments for the NGSS and some examples and descriptions of the work.
  • TeachersTryScience - NGSS aligned lessons evaluated using the EQuIP rubric
  • StemTeaching Tools - Great site for briefs on a number of the practices and things to consider with the new standards
  • Practices Resource In Science and Math (PRISM) - A site that provides supports for K-12 teachers of science and/or mathematics who are interested in having their students engage in the CCSS Mathematical and NGSSScience and Engineering Practices.