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Are you feeling like it is March when the calendar says it is November? You are not alone. According to the Harvard flourishing survey, prior to the pandemic, the average national survey score was 70; in June 2020, amidst the COVID pandemic,  that national average had dropped to 65.

If you are feeling sluggish, dissatisfied with your work or job performance, and slower than usual to get out of bed in the morning, you might consider some of these resources on teacher burnout to help you move from a state of languishing to flourishing.

How to flourish

  1. Begin by taking the Harvard flourishing survey.

  2. Read this article, The Other Side of Languishing is Flourishing.  Here’s How to Get There. Believe you can take steps to move away from languishing towards flourishing. “A growing body of research shows that there are simple steps you can take to recharge your emotional batteries and spark a sense of fulfillment, purpose, and happiness.”

  3. Watch this “pivot” clip from Friends for a laugh. “Laughing swaps the cortisol in our bloodstream with highly sought after chemicals in the brain: dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. Dopamine can enhance learning, motivation, and attention.” 

  4. Try this mindful photography activity. Take five photos of your everyday life twice a week for two weeks.  (friends, favorite views, food, books, family). Reflect on the photos and the small moments that bring you joy in your day.

  5. If time allows, read this Elena Aguilar article: The Resilient Educator: What does a resilient educator do?

If you are a school leader:

Consider these resources from Main Idea:

  1. Countering Burnout: A one-page guide that considers competence, autonomy, and relatedness as key to countering teacher burnout.

  2. Competence: Coping with Stress: one-pager outlining considerations for school leaders to help staff cope with stress and increase confidence and competence.

  3. Autonomy: Clarity & Communication: a one-pager with tips and strategies for leaders on communicating in stressful times

  4. Relatedness: Connection: a one-pager with ideas for both virtual and in-person ways to create connections in your school. 

These one-pagers address the virtual environment but most of the suggestions and tips can be used in the face-to-face environment as well.

May you know and follow your passion, seek positive energy and believe in you! 

Patricia Lehmann

Scotti Hagensick