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Did you know?

Our brains are wired to recognize bad things to help protect us from threats and dangerous situations. We also have a negativity bias that causes us to be more likely to remember the bad things about our day than the good (Chen, 2013). 

We can rewire our brain to focus on the positives, and the more frequently we practice the more automatic it will become! By doing this, we can increase our happiness and energy levels while decreasing stress, anxiety and depression.



Shawn Achor Ted Talk – The Happy Secret




The Gratitude Journal





How to – The Gratitude Journal

gratitude journal template

At the end of the day, write down 3 positive things that happened. Do this daily for 21 days. Download the template (PDF)

Send a personalized message to at least one person each day expressing your appreciation for something they have done. 

Do something nice for someone. 

Practice mindfulness and focus on what you have, not what you don’t have.   



Happiness Advantage

Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work – Keystone Order # B 97274

Most people want to be successful in life. And of course, everyone wants to be happy. When it comes to the pursuit of success and happiness, most people assume the same formula: if you work hard, you will become successful, and once you become successful, then you'll be happy. The only problem is that a decade of cutting-edge research in the field of positive psychology has proven that this formula is backwards. Success does not beget happiness. Based on the largest study ever conducted on happiness and human potential (a survey conducted by the author of more than 1,600 students), Harvard lecturer Shawn Achor shares seven core principles of positive psychology that each one of us can use to improve our performance, grow our careers, and gain a competitive edge at work. He reveals how happiness actually fuels success and performance, not the other way around. Achor suggests when we are happier and more positive we are more engaged, creative, resilient to stress, and productive.

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