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Together We Are

The School Counselors at West Delaware have been working hard to promote brain health through the Together We Are campaign. This campaign was formed to create a community where it is okay to not be okay, and that putting a focus on brain health will keep us all moving forward. To kick off their campaign, the school hosted a Brain Health day where students were introduced to the philosophy, given shirts, and participated in different age-appropriate activities focused on providing education and skill building around brain health. To keep the message at the forefront, students and staff are encouraged to wear their shirts on the first Thursday of every month. To learn more about how the project originated, click here!

Keystone AEA is excited to join the Together We Are campaign to support the mental well-being of staff, students, and educators.  While we serve our districts in various roles, we can all impact the brain health of our communities and each other. You may see Keystone AEA employees wearing their shirts as a symbol of an expanding community and to spread awareness about brain health to stop the stigma around mental health.


The Together We Are campaign is here to:

🧠Continue to broaden a community of acceptance and awareness in Eastern Iowa  

🧠Connect our community with resources to support brain health

Goals of Keystone AEA’s Together We Are campaign:

  1. To shift mindsets to see mental illness as a brain health issue that is scientifically proven and can be treated. 

  2. Increase awareness of and advocate for the use of school and community resources to support brain health. 

  3. Provide resources on the connection between mind and body and how mental wellness is a function of both.

  4. To provide insight and tools so people feel comfortable talking about brain health. 

Ways our staff will work to meet these goals while serving area schools: 

  1. Be informed- educate ourselves on brain health issues most impacting adults and students and know what resources may be available

  2. Be proactive- implement protective factors such as yoga, deep breathing, regular physical activity, effective communication, healthy eating, etc.

  3. Be an advocate- fight the stigma surrounding brain health issues


If your school is interested in joining the Together We Are campaign, please contact the West Delaware School Counselors at

Keystone Contacts:

Keystone is here to support you! If you would like help supporting your students' SEBH needs, please reach out to us. 

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