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Congratulations! You made it!

Summer is in sight!


The end of the school year brings on many emotions: excitement, joy, relief, fear, worry, reflection, along with many more. For some, those emotions may have been there all year, hiding under the surface, waiting for the time to be felt. Others may be fresh and new based on changes that come with an ending (and new beginnings). Hopefully, we can all take some time this summer, to acknowledge and work through all the emotions we are experiencing.

Over the summer, I hope you all have an opportunity to do something that brings you joy and puts a smile on your face. Little things such as taking time daily to write down three things you are grateful for can provide a boost of positivity and leave you feeling a little lighter. Others may find that spending time being present and enjoying living in the moment is relaxing.

If you are hoping to spend some of your summer gaining skills to help you effectively cope with life’s stressors, please know there are several opportunities available.

Scanlan Center for School Mental Health - Educator Empowerment Group

Scanlan Center for School Mental Health - AEA Empowerment Group

From all of us on Keystone AEA’s Social Emotional Behavioral Health team, we wish you a wonderful summer and look forward to working with you again next year. 


Keystone Contacts:

Keystone is here to support you! If you would like help supporting your students' SEBH needs, please reach out to us. 

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