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The word “manifesto” carries with it a sense of weight and significance. While rarely used in everyday conversations, simply saying the word “manifesto” aloud may evoke feelings or thoughts of empowerment, autonomy, or choice. A manifesto is a declaration of your intent, purpose, and values. For educators, this may resemble professional mission statements posted outside of classrooms or learning spaces. Perhaps you think of the calendar or agenda book you used that outlines your daily goals or priorities. Whether these priorities and outcomes are displayed publicly or privately, we invite you to consider crafting a summer manifesto. However, this manifesto is one that provides you with permission to focus on your personal goals, focal points, and needs. With this personal focus in mind, if creating a poster or visual to display your ideas meets your needs, check out this customizable copy. If a sticky note on your bathroom mirror or a note in your journal or a notebook is sufficient, choose that avenue! The method you choose matters less than the fact that your ambitions, needs, and priorities are addressed clearly during the summer months. On behalf of our Caring Connections team, we would like to issue a declaration of thanks for the work you have done for our students, families, and communities. 

This summer, it is okay to.. .

  • Sleep late

  • Sit on your deck or porch and just enjoy the sunshine

  • Read a good book all day

  • Forget what day of the week it is

  • Take a drive to nowhere in particular

  • Take that yoga class 

  • Leave your computer closed

  • Setup an auto reply on your email account

  • Participate in professional learning that inspires you 

  • Reflect on your school year and consider what you’d like to let go of in the new year

  • Not have a plan for the day or create a schedule for your needs

  • _______________ (you decide what else is okay this summer!)


Keystone Contacts:

Keystone is here to support you! If you would like help supporting your students' SEBH needs, please reach out to us. 

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