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Helpful Reminders for the New School Year:

Who do I contact for help?

We're here to help! A team of Keystone AEA staff members is assigned to your school. We also have specialty teams to assist. Browse our full staff directory or use the button below to find staff that are regularly in your building. 

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How do we access the digital resources from Keystone?

Students and educators can access digital video, clipart, research tools, music clips, ebooks and audiobooks anytime, anywhere. Use the password link below to have your log-in emailed to you. Posters and "stickies" will be distributed to schools in September. Explore digital resources

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How do I reserve books and other materials from Keystone?

Keystone AEA Delivery vanTwice each week the Keystone van delivers classroom materials to your school. Our Media Library offers a wide variety of material, all available at no charge for educators to use. These classroom materials benefit all PreK-12 Teachers in every curriculum area! Items include, but are not limited to:

  • Books and ebooks
  • Book of the Month / boxed books
  • Puppets and Educational Games
  • Simulators and Robots
  • Digital Microscopes and Calculators
  • Kits and Manipulatives


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Keystone's Media Library

New Statewide Print Portal

Learn more about the new statewide print portal that is coming soon. More information will be shared when it launches in October.