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Caring Connections for Social, Emotional, Behavioral Health

A short pep talk from Kid Superintendent

From the SEBH Return-to-Learn Toolkit: Establishing Routines & Relationships 
  1. Maintaining and communicating predictable routines helps students to maintain a sense of psychological safety. 

  2. Do not assume that students understand your routine is changing due to current events.

  3. Taking the time to explain the changes and providing a predictable agenda will reduce student stress. 

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Creating a Behavior Teaching Matrix for Remote Instruction

When transitioning education online, it can be helpful to remember that the practices that are used in a physical classroom can work just as well in the virtual classroom. The first step in setting up any classroom is to define expected behaviors, which can be done most effectively through a behavior teaching matrix. 

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Register your leadership team for the November SDI Foundations Learning Series

An ongoing series of hybrid options will be scheduled with cohorts for Significant Disabilities, Preschool, and K-6 Literacy. The dates and format of the meetings will be discussed during the November SDI Foundations Learning.

This learning will include ESSA/MTSS connections, SDI Framework, and the leadership / infrastructure expectations for the work. This series is offered via Zoom from 3:30-5:00PM on:  November 9, 16, and 23. 

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