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Copyright BriefNotes for Students and Teachers


Have you or students questioned if it's appropriate to use a music track, image, or video in your work? If so, help is here! 


Copyright BriefNotes is an overview of copyright for students and PreK12 educators. You’ll find several “think-about” sections to help you decide if copying is a good idea for these areas and more:

  • Fair Use
  • Web Content Creation
  • Images 
  • Video and Continuous Learning

The publications are available in both a PDF and eMag format.

Copyright Decision Tree

Copyright BriefNotes for Students

Copyright BriefNotes for Students and Teachers 

Also see Keystone's Copyright Considerations page for access to these great resources to support teaching and learning.

copyright briefnotes


Good job thank you for all you do

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the impact we have on others.

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the good we are doing.

Sometimes, we need to be reminded that we ARE doing a good job. 

This year has been hard. We all have to acknowledge that this school year has pushed our limits. Some feel fear. Some feel anxiety. Some feel overwhelmed. Some feel burned out. Others appear to be handling things well. 

Why is there such a difference in the way people are able to handle challenges? Why do some people seem to have a higher threshold than others?

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