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Follett eBooks w/ Destiny Discover


Keystone AEA provides two interest level collections of Follett eBooks for our patrons. The elementary Follett eBook collection targets the interests of the upper elementary and middle school reader while the secondary Follett eBook collection reaches the reading interests of the upper middle school to high school reader.  Both e-Collections offer readers mostly fiction and some nonfiction titles. 

Elementary (Interest levels: grades 3-8)

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Secondary (Interest level: grades 7-12)


Please NOTE: Keystone Patrons will discover more digital access to a larger e-Library collection with access to MackinVIA. Inside their school's VIA, Keystone patrons are afforded access to a digital collection that has depth and breadth. With individual, Google or Microsoft logins our patrons will be able to search and locate a number ebooks, audiobooks, read alongs, narrated books, text to speech and more.   


Follett eBooks and User Login


All Keystone Educators and Students are assigned a personal login to access and checkout Follett Shelf eBook content.  Individual usernames and passwords are assigned by Keystone AEA media staff. School users can reach out to their building contact and/or teacher library regarding support for accessing Follett ebook content from Keystone.....


Please email Virginia Saeugling at with any questions regarding Follett Shelf login information. 


Troubles Tracking Follett Shelf Individual User Logins?


Leverage Keystone ClassLink access to store assigned individual usernames and passwords to access, checkout and use digital learner features with Follett Shelf/Destiny Discover.

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Want to learn more about Keystone ClassLink?  Watch this Keystone Media Minute short - Keystone ClassLink OneClick and email Mindy Reimer or Karen Randall with any questions regarding your school's access.