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Kathy Wessel

Office Assistant - Educational Services

Quick Link: Upcoming Courses at Keystone


Please utilize the new statewide AEA Professional Learning Registration System to register for Keystone AEA sponsored courses and workshops. Learn more about the benefits and features of this new system.


Button register nowLOG IN: AEA Professional Learning Registration System
NOTE: The AEA Professional Learning Registration system utilizes the same login credentials as the AEA Learning Online system (mandatory courses).


Returning Users:
Use the email address and password that is on file through the AEA Learning System - the online training system that is utilized for bloodborne pathogens, etc. and/or for online, self-paced courses. Please use this link to reset your password if needed.

New Users: 
If you do not have an existing account in the AEA Learning System, please go to this link and follow the directions to register for an account.  
Important note: There may be a 24-hour wait period for new accounts to become active for course registration. This also applies to profile modifications (change of email address, district assignment, etc.)



  1. Search by keyword. For example: Literacy or STEM

  2. Browse by subject area.

  3. Use the calendar icon in the very top gray bar to search courses by day:

    Professional Learning Calendar Button
  4. All Keystone AEA courses and workshops start with KS.

  5. To view only Keystone-area courses search for keyword Keystone.  

  6. To find a specific course at Keystone, type in the section number on the Course page in the search box. Find the section number for workshops and courses using this Upcoming Courses at Keystone link.

  7. Several credit options are available. Participant Only = Workshop

  8. If you are registering for grad credit at a new college (you have never been a student there) go to the link to register at that college found on the "Courses" page in the section labeled: Graduate Course Registration Instructions


Purchase orders and PayPal/credit cards will be accepted as payment methods.  

Course Cancellation/Refund Policy - COMING SOON
Please read and be aware of this policy when registering for courses

Kathy Hay, Professional Development Coordinator,
Kathy Wessel, Licensure Assistant/Registrar,, 800-632-5918


Other Information
Please contact Kathy Wessel at 800-632-5918 if under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) you require specific aids or services while attending a workshop.   Fees, meal information, and seating information varies for each workshop. Be sure to read all the information for each workshop before registering. 

Cancellations due to inclement weather will be electronically posted on KWWL, KCRG and KGAN cancellation web pages.

Required and Non-Mandatory Online Trainings

Other Opportunities:

Credit Requirement Changes: All courses offered for graduate credit are offered for EDMA credit. These courses will have a minimum of 15 hours face-to-face course time and 30 hours of outside work for each credit offered in the course, for a total of 45 hours of course time per credit. For example, if you participate in a one-credit course (15 contact hours), there will be an additional 30 hours of work required to be completed outside of class. Examples of outside work may include reading/writing, observations, collaboration with other professionals, development of classroom materials, data collection/synthesis, etc. Courses offered for graduate credit may also be taken for licensure renewal credit, but the course requirements will be the same as for those taking the course for graduate credit.  Courses offered for licensure renewal credit only will require a minimum of 15 hours face-to-face course time.


You may also contact Kathy Hay at 800-632-5918 with licensure renewal questions.

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