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3D Printing

Jason Martin-Hiner

School Improvement Facilitator

Design Tools

TinkerCAD - This is a very easy to use and intuitive site for designing objects.  TinkerCAD was acquired by Autodesk, so the account you create for TinkerCAD will also work for Autodesk products.  Educational access available for account creation - contact Jason Martin-Hiner for details.

123D Design - A program similar to TinkerCAD, but offers more high end design options.  In browser and downloadable option.

123D Sculpt - Looking to work with digital clay to create more organic models?  123D Sculpt may be for you

3DTin - Another simple, in-browser, design program.

Sketchup - Iowa educators have the opportunity to use this full-featured program for free.  Contact Vic Jaras for details

Solidworks - Top end 3D design software

3D Models for Download


Autodesk Models

Smithsonian X3D

cg-trader - This link takes you to just the free models - you can search for others




3D Lesson Plans, Ideas, and Resources

Intro to 3D Printing Lesson

Education in 3D Site - Repository of .stl files and lesson plans grouped by subject area

Tinkerine U Lessons - Great lesson ideas for art, math, science and more

SeeMeEducate 3D Printing Curriculum - Many great links/foundation for getting started with 3D printing with students

Autodesk Workshops - Try filtering by "STEAM" projects if you want to cut down the number of options

3D Printing in School - An open source curriculum

CityX Project



Invent To Learn Guide (Book)

Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering and Engineering in the Classroom (Book)

General Lesson Plans using 3D printed objects

Stratasys Curriculum