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L.O.L. – Learning Out Loud is a Keystone Vlog where conversations, tech tool spotlights with "play and pause" learning opportunities guides learning. 



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In this edition of L.O.L. - Learning Out Loud, we're exploring new realities for your classroom -  Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality - to benefit student learning.
Engaging your students in these new realities is easy, thanks to Keystone Media Collection's new Merge Headset and Merge Cube kits. TIP: Use keyword MERGE and look for kit numbers KM 90031 OR KM 90027.
One key to successful classroom experiences is to reference our "Engaging Realities" webpage, which includes vetted, ready-made resources, easy creation tools, and more! 
As AR, VR, and MR creation tools become more accessible, students can demonstrate learning in a variety of reality formats. For example, the simple ARVRMR welcome video at the top of this page easily becomes the centerpiece of the Virtual World below, or could be "triggered" by a Merge Cube through the CoSpacesEDU app. Students can decide how to showcase and share their learning with whichever reality tool they prefer.
Fortunately, educators don't need to be experts in all these tools, just open to the possibilities these resources offer. Get started by exploring our "Engaging Realities" webpage and contact a Keystone Tech Team member for support.


View welcome video on Merge cube by following these directions: 

CoSpaces QR code
1. Download CoSpacesEDU app to your mobile device. 
2. Scan QR code or enter direct link:
3. In CoSpacesEDU app, click on PLAY. 
4. Hold Merge Cube in front of camera lens to "trigger" welcome experience. 
Engaging Realities Web preview pic
Flipgrid AR special message QR code
Scan QR Code for a special message for teachers and
book recommendation. 
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We live life in 360, so why not learn in 360? 

Diving into 360 video and images is getting easier with new equipment and more resources. Get started by checking out one of the Ricoh Theta 360 cameras now available in Keystone's Media Collection. Search for kit number KM 12890.


Then, simply follow the five basic steps in the following "Go 360" resources to get ready for your L.O.L. - Learning Out Loud 360 learning experiences. 


L.O.L. - Welcome to 360 



5 Steps to 360 Get Started Guide 

Link to Guide in 360 Format


5 Steps to 360 Get Started Guide 

Link to Traditional Website Format


Go 360 Website Home







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Top 5 Reasons to Explore Microsoft Translator



Powerpoint - Microsoft Translator for Improved Communications

Directions:  Try Microsoft Translator's CONVERSATIONS

Directions: O365 Word Online - Immersive Reader with Translate

Microsoft's Educator Community - Create your own learning path! :) 

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Laura Stanner

Laura Stanner

Instructional Technology Integration Specialist