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Learning Management Systems (LMS) are an integral part of blended learning and digitally-immersed environments.  They provide a common platform for learning, a communication vessel for students and teachers, a method for assessment and feedback, and an extensible vehicle to connect to other e-curricula and web-based resources.

The use of LMSs in Iowa is on the inevitable rise.  There are many different options that fit different needs for districts, both large and small.  However, the wrong LMS can be both costly and a poor fit for quality integration.  Schools benefit from having the AEAs support them in their search for the LMS, as well as supporting them implement the LMS after selection.

Current Landscape:  There are 7 prevailing options of LMS and content management within the state that we are seeing districts elect.

  1. K-12 Online - AEA Learning Online's free, hosted LMS for Iowa schools (it uses Moodle as its core)
  2. Moodle, self-hosted - A free LMS option that a district may elect to host themselves
  3. Canvas - A fee-based hosted LMS
  4. Schoology - A fee-based hosted LMS
  5. SeeSaw - A learning journal (not an LMS, but offers content management and activities)
  6. Google Classroom - A free document management system (not a true LMS)
  7. The grab-bag “let teachers choose their own” method




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