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Keystone AEA programs and services promote respect and compassion, and support enabling every learner to perform at his or her highest level within a safe, healthy and least restrictive environment. Learn how you can access the various special education services Keystone AEA provides to support students, families and schools.

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Special education guidance

In carrying out its responsibilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Educational Improvement Act (IDEA, 2004) and the Iowa Administrative Rules of Special Education, the Special Education Division carries out child find and evaluation activities in accordance with the Area Education Agencies Special Education Procedures Manual, and provides support and related services to eligible individuals as determined by Individual Education Plan (IEP) teams.

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professional learning for special education

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The Spotlight on Special Education breaks down the complexities of special education one post at at time. The blog posts are based on the Iowa Special Education Procedural Manual. There may be additional district requirements that are not reflected in the posts.

special education blog & Discussion


Annette Hyde

Annette Hyde

Director of Special Education


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For more information, please contact a member of your district navigator team or refer to our Specialized Service Team Directory.


Region 1

Chamoni DeLong

Regional Administrator - Region 1

Laura Smith

Assistant Regional Administrator - Region 1

Region 2

Amy Holst

Regional Administrator - Region 2

Tasha Fritz

Assistant Regional Administrator - Region 2

Region 3

Alicia Helle

Regional Administrator - Region 3

Barb Pline

Assistant Regional Administrator - Region 3