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Brooke Gassman

Family and Educator Partnership Coordinator

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Statewide Family & Educator Partnership Overview

Iowa Department of Education

The FEP, started in 1984, provides a unique opportunity for parents and educators to build partnerships to improve educational programs for children and young adults with special needs. Previously, the program was known as Parent and Educator Connection (PEC). Modeling an effective collaborative partnership, the FEP is staffed by a family coordinator who brings the perspective of a parent with a child having special needs and an educator coordinator who brings the perspective of an educator. Each of Iowa’s Area Education Agencies (AEAs) employs these staff to guide the program within the AEA. They collaborate directly with parents, local education agencies, and agencies outside the educational system. 

The goal of the Iowa Family & Educator Partnership is to support successful outcomes in the areas of living, learning and working for individuals with disabilities ages 0-21, the Family & Educator Partnership will operate within a tiered system of supports across Iowa with intentional coordination, consistency, and continuity through partnerships between families and educators.

FEP Resources and Services for Families and Educators

  • Facilitate understanding of special education, including family/student rights and responsibilities
  • Support families and educators through personal, phone, email contact, including attending Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)/IEP meetings
  • Assistance preparing for IFSP/IEP meeting
  • Information and support regarding transition from IFSP to IEP and post secondary transition
  • Support communication between home and school to enhance family and educator partnerships
  • Link family and educators to services within the AEA and the community
  • Provide information and understanding regarding educational processes

Family and Educator Partnership Brochure

Special Education Resources for Families

Community Resources Fact Sheets


Procedural Safeguards for Families

The Notice of Procedural Safeguards: Rights of Parents of Students with Disabilities explains the specific rights and responsibilities of the parent in the special education process.

Transition Planning

Postsecondary Transition Information for Families
Family Resources - coming soon

Family and Educator Transition Resources
Keystone AEA Transition Services - coming soon
Community Resources Brochure
Parent Tips for Transition
Age of Majority Materials (English and Other Languages)


Transition Fact Sheets
Roles of Parents in Transition Planning
Accommodations vs. Modifications
Student Self-Advocacy

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