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The Spotlight on Special Education blog breaks down the complexities of special education one post at at time.

The blog posts are based on the Iowa Special Education Procedural Manual. There may be additional district requirements that are not reflected in the posts.



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Keystone is excited to share that over the next three years, Keystone is building a foundation for SEBH through an MTSS framework. To learn more check out our MTSS SEBH website.

Our featured highlight is the SEL competencies released from the Department of Education.

Competencies include:

Self Awareness

Self Management

Social Awareness

Relationship Skills

Responsible Decision Making


Each competency includes 3-5 Learning Targets that further organize essential skills, abilities, behaviors and attitudes. They consist across grade bands and are broken down by Indicators for the student, Adult examples, and Learner examples. For more information - view here.

Special Education Learning Opportunity

Special Education 2.0-Booster Training for Veteran Teachers       April 28 in Elkader

Are you a veteran special education teacher, new special education teacher looking for more in-depth learning, or a special education coach who want to broaden your perspective, by expanding your skills with the IEP process?  The content for the day will include:

  • Effective and Collaborative IEP meetings-Strategies to get general education teachers, parents and students meaningfully involved
  • Cohesive IEPs- aligning the PLAAFP and the goals to the services and activities
  • Data based decision making utilizing RIOT/SCIL
  • High leverage instructional practices
  • FBAs and BIPs

Register for course KS -189281


For more information, please contact a member of your district navigator team or refer to our Specialized Service Team Directory.