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The Spotlight on Special Education blog breaks down the complexities of special education one post at at time.

The blog posts are based on the Iowa Special Education Procedural Manual. There may be additional district requirements that are not reflected in the posts.



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End of Year Reminders

It is the end of the school year!  It’s important to take time and reflect on how your year went.  Despite snow days, the day to day frustrations, and the endless paperwork, you worked for student success!


Here are a few reminders for the end of the year; feel free to click on the link below and download the checklist as a ‘doc’ and edit for your own purposes.

End of Year Checklist

  • Complete annual reviews and re-evaluations with due dates through the end of September the following school year.

  • Check that all IEPs on your roster are submitted for review or validated on the Iowa WebIEP system.

  • Ensure all IEP progress monitoring data are updated and added to the IEP Graphs.

  • Ensure the student’s cumulative/special education file is updated with current progress monitoring data.

  • Send a copy of the updated progress monitoring graphs to parents.

  • Ensure all additional forms are uploaded to the student’s Iowa WebIEP (BIP, Behavior chart, Rubrics,etc.) as indicated in the Associated Files guidance document.

  • Complete Extended School Year Services (ESYS) plans for the student (if applicable).

  • Return/catalog any assistive technology devices.

  • Organize/file all student records are to ensure nothing is misplaced over break.


High School Only

  • Complete Exit paperwork for students graduating or aging out.

  • Ensure all exit paperwork is marked for Review.

  • Ensure all exit paperwork is filed in the student’s cumulative/special education folder.

  • Send a copy of all exit paperwork to parents.


Take some time to relax, recharge and be ready to come back to be an advocate for your students!




For more information, please contact a member of your district navigator team or refer to our Specialized Service Team Directory.