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Overview and Iowa Department of Education Guidance

Iowa Department of Education

The Keystone AEA Autism Resource Team was formed to provide educationally-based consultative services for school districts and families within Keystone AEA. Autism resource team members have specialized training in order to work with children and young adults who have autism or similar characteristics.


The Keystone AEA Autism Resource Team is committed to consulting with families and schools through the use of evidence-based practices. When providing these services, the goal for each student is to gain independence, self-fulfillment, and access to the general education curriculum.

In order to meet this vision, members of the Keystone AEA Autism Resource Team:

  • collaborate with AEA, LEA, and family members.
  • provide information regarding autism and evidence-based practices to school teams, parents, and other agencies.
  • collaborate with school teams regarding intervention plans, IEPs, and behavior intervention plans, again focused on the inclusion of evidence-based practices.
  • engage in professional development opportunities as a team and on an individual basis.



The Autism Resource Team has purchased numerous resources through partnership with our Family and Educator Partnership as well as through generous grants from sources such as the Dubuque Racing Association.

To find resources in the media library specific to autism and the evidence-based practices we support, search by title, author, or simply use the drop down feature in the subject index and choose "ARL."

Summer Autism Training

Each summer Keystone AEA hosts a 5-day Autism Training this summer.  


Training outcomes include:

1. Participants will recognize the importance of and demonstrate ability when designing the classroom environment for students on the Autism Spectrum.

2. Participants will design, evaluate, and modify activities for communication, social interaction, and independence that ensure growth and success of students on the Autism Spectrum.

3. Participants will use the approaches presented with a variety of students exhibiting a wide range of abilities and needs.

The training specifically addresses many of the concerns regarding challenging behavior.

More details will be forthcoming.

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