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Parents and Students

We understand how difficult it is to raise children.  When you have a child with special needs, being a parent becomes even more challenging.  The good news is that you don’t need to walk this journey alone.  We are here to help.

Brain Injury Resources for Parents and Students

IEP / 504

The following educational questions should be addressed prior to determining appropriate programming:

  • Who will act as the primary contact for the student's total education program?

  • How will the child's environment and school day be modified to accommodate any special needs?

  • What behavior management and/or emotional support procedures will be used by school personnel?

  • Does the child require any support services (ex. nursing, speech, occupational/ physical therapy)?

  • How will the student's performance and progress be monitored, and who will be responsible for monitoring progress?

  • How will the school/parent relationship be established and maintained?

  • What resources might be required (general education /special education) to meet these needs?


For additional questions on 504 see your building administrator and/or consult the Keystone website for more information on 504 in LEA resources.

For additional questions on IEP see your building administrator, AEA core team member, or consult the Keystone AEA website on Special education resources.


Key Resources

Brain Injury Resource Guide for Families (a Mayo Clinic document, posted on the Brain Injury Association website)

AEA Transition Resources




Keystone has variety of resources available to be accessed within or media library