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Early ACCESS is a partnership between families with young children, birth to age three, and providers from local Public Health, Human Services, Child Health Specialty Clinics, Area Education Agencies and other community programs. The purpose of this system of services is for families and service providers to work together in identifying, coordinating and providing needed services/resources that will help the family assist their infant or toddler to grow and develop and reach his/her greatest potential.

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If you are interested in Early ACCESS for your child you can make a referral via email or by calling 800-632-5918. 


Natural Activities to Promote Development in the Home

Click a room in the house to explore activities you can do with your child. Whether it's making faces in the bathroom mirror or playing hide and seek with a laundry basket –  you'll have fun and help your child develop critical skills. 

Ann Hagensick

Early Access Regional Coordinator, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher